Brendan Bouton

About me

With experience across both residential and commercial transactions as well as new build projects, Brendan has a wealth of capability and demonstrated success. This allows Brendan to understand the intricacies of the buyer, seller and other third-party’s needs and expectations in the sale process. Importantly, Brendan is well positioned to ensure that property transactions are positive and seamless for all.

Whether a first-time or experienced buyer or seller, Brendan will ensure that the sale journey is tailored to your property and individual circumstances, and is not just a once size fits all approach. Brendan’s focus is to provide property solutions for all clients. With further qualifications and experience in business management, Brendan maintains extensive knowledge, skills and experience in ensuring that important transactions and processes are well prepared and strategized.

Brendan is continuously following market trends and demands to ensure that the sale strategy is purposefully designed to achieve the result that you desire. In partnership with you, Brendan will ensure that your property is marketed and presented to achieve the best possible outcome.
Brendan prides himself on dedication, hard work and attention to detail. Importantly, his focus is to ensure that regular and open communication channels are built and maintained during the process. Ultimately, Brendan's aim is to ensure that he achieves the best possible outcome for you.