Sasha Jancevski

About me

Being involved within the Management Rights industry for 22 years, my unique and valuable experience lies in the knowledge and knows of the industry. From start to finish, I offer unrivalled service in the process of buying, operating and the eventual selling of one of your most valuable assets, Management Rights. I have sold millions of dollars of Management Right businesses, consulted to hundreds of Management Rights operators across S.E Queensland and have hundreds of Management Rights owners, operators, and staff members who have completed their mandatory Queensland Government Licensing requirements directly with me.

Select my ‘all in one’ service, and receive a truly comprehensive, experienced Management Rights Industry member of your resources, or simply engage myself, with the same dedicated knowledge and approach, to focus on one or a number of Management Rights dealings that you will cross before or during your venture.

Sales Brokering, Operational Consultancy, or Compliance Licensing, with me you can be reassured that privacy, confidentiality and real-life experience across the Management Rights Industry is only a coffee call away.